Friday night Pitchfire at Chicago StartupWeekend EDU


Friday started with a flurry with StartupWeekend’s Pitchfire funneling in a massive 44 ideas to 17 advancers in just 60 second increments.  While a bit of a laundry list, we wanted to highlight those who pitched and the ideas on top of their minds (note, starred names  made it though to the second round of 17).  Congratulations to all!

  1. *ExternTrac (Dr. Sally Beatty): achievement and attendance tracking for externships
  2. *LearningLog (Dylan Swartz): Web app for learners to journal things they learn — with a thinly veiled pitch on the side for his current start-up consultancy Ivory Penguin
  3. */2BankIOU (Khris McAfee): gamification of personal finance lessons for high school and college students — Khris has been a frequent attendee at Educelerate meetups, so was glad to see him come pitch
  4. *Adjunct, Inc. (Chris Cassirer): one of the best ideas here (by my ranking, at least) came from the dean of National Louis University himself!  Stay tuned for this one in the finals.
  5. Flashly (Eleanor Lee): an online instruction play from a recent Starter League alumna
  6. PopSmart (Matt Kelley): interactive student teacher response tool
  7. MosayEc (Jerone Green): online portfolios of student’s experiential learning
  8. *Life Certified (Grant Hensel): alternate credentialing system for personal traits (e.g. grit, creativity) from another long-time Educelerant!
  9. *PDEngine (Dan Rezac): search engine for K-12 professional development from EdReach’s very own founder! Oops, there goes, our Green Room Google HOA idea for the weekend…
  10. Science Me Out (Engin Yapici): P2: grad students and expert collabotation network
  11. Predictera: dataminging to match students and schools
  12. */2Virtual Financial Coach (Ramon Rodriguez): a tool to track spending to coach teenagers on personal finance…our first competitors and ultimately merger partner for Khrys above
  13. Print Veristy (Shiv Patel): custom design and printing company
  14. *Lesson Library (Carol Schmutz): a Minecraft for teacher lesson plans
  15. Global Sleepover (Geeta Raj): a long-time Educelerant looking for help for her 21st century interactive children’s stories
  16. GBud (Wendy Han): virtual global buddy pen pals
  17. *EasyCast (JP Peacock): hyper easy and cheap app to get lectures and talks online
  18. *True Coach (Gale Stafford): bringing small Coaching practices online
  19. Pi Master (DeeAnn Dorman): math dashboard and learning platform
  20. *Goods for Grades (Eric Berthene): incentives for low-income households to spend more time on academics
  21. *Fantasy Geopolitics (Eric Nelson): social learning game following counties and world leaders
  22. Teacher’s Pet (Robert Cordwell): Big Data Power, Small Classroom Reach
  23. Interactive Teacher (David Cornekan): website that allows students to interact with a digital AI teacher
  24. *Tap2Connect (Matt Rosenstock): a husband and wife team Matt and Summer (see below) pitching a multi-platform, integrated platform to streamline parent-teacher communication
  25. NuTextbook (Jason Pavlovich): textbook replacement digital platform
  26. *Tiny Heroes (Ryan Francis): student performance incentivization
  27. Courseflect (Jason Iannello): student transcript conversion service
  28. *Learn to Launch (Laurie Stach): enterpreneurship education for high school classrooms
  29. Doc Genius (SiSi Shen): quick clinician education portal
  30. ReASSESS (Morgan McAllister): interactive reading  assessment platform measuring student comprehencion and fluency in a dyanmic way scaling based upon student’s developmetn level
  31. Words Around (Jin-Soo Huh): 4.0 Schools alum and KIPP Chicago’s director of technology pitched a mobile app offering coupons for words, making kids smarter while out on their parents’ errands
  32. Data Sriracha (Oz due Soleil): a movement for data literacy from the Excel wizard humself
  33. *Quality Teachers for All (Christen Tingley): video platform for teacher feedback / development
  34. Resume Now: tracking accomplishment and populating a resume from childhood
  35. Skill Racket (Bryan Woulard): rpid skill acquisition for people that don’t have a lot of free time
  36. *Corporate Extend (Andy Abbott): coding corporate training, an immersive programming school from the organizer of Chicago StartupWeekend Mobile
  37. *MentorMatch (Jean McDonnell): national network matching students with business professionals or retirees interested in mentoring high school students
  38. Denomilearner (Jake Zhao): divide learners by method of learning (visual learner, verbal, repetitive learning) immersion
  39. EduLife (Tonya Biglow): teaching life skills
  40. NoTeachers
  41. Performance Teacher
  42. Search Cooperative (Adam Malaty-Uhr): from another long-time Educelerant, former CPS teacher Adam pitched an idea around student leaning information
  43. Puhleeze (Christopher Nyren): overcome with EDUthusiasm and seeing the pitch line come to an end, I felt compelled to get up there and pitch an idea loaned to me by Jay Alter!
  44. *KidMail (Summer Rosenstock): The family that pitches together, stays together as the better half of the Rosenstocks pitched a children’s email platform with parent controls for circle of friends that can be addressed…I’m thinking the Rosenstock’s have school aged children…