Startup Weekend Kicks off Tonight!


We are excited to see you tomorrow at the ITA at 200 S Wacker, 15th Floor. You will need a photo ID to checkin with building security. Doors will open at 4:30pm. Dinner and networking will start at 5:30pm and we will kick things officially at 6:30pm sharp.

Have you told your friends that you’re going to Start-Up Weekend? Make sure to post it on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and whatever other networks you use. We even are helping out by providing your posts:

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Just a few questions we’ve been getting and would like to cover before the start of the event:

What types of ideas should I be ready to pitch? Most of the ideas are web-based or mobile applications. Generally ideas which involve creating a tangible product do not work well because you need something to present to the panel on Sunday. If you have any idea at all we encourage you to pitch it!
How do I pitch my idea? The pitches on Friday night will be informal (no PowerPoint allowed) and you will allotted one minute to explain your idea. If you would like to sharpen your pitching skills before Friday check out:
Do I need to bring a computer? Yes, make sure to bring a computer- laptops are preferred but if you only have a desktop please feel free to bring that.
Should I be worried about my idea getting stolen? Start-Up Weekend pitch’s are done in an open forum and no non-disclosures are going to be signed. If you are really concerned about your idea being stolen, our advice is keep it to yourself.
How do we form the teams? We allow the teams to form themselves. Once the pitches are done we allow everyone to levitate to the idea they would like to pursue for the weekend. Generally teams of 5-7 members work best.
What time should I get there on Friday? Try to arrive between 5:00 and 5:30 so you have a chance to eat and network with other attendees.
How will I know what someone else’ specialty is? We will have colored name tags when you register to denote what your specialty is.
How do I get there? Look up 200 S. Wacker on Google Maps it will show you the way. (FYI we do not validate).
Anything else I should bring? Business cards, and if you have an extra extension cord and/or power strip please bring it. Also, bring a great attitude and a lot of energy!

We look forward to seeing you all at the event tomorrow! Keep your eyes open for a final update in a few hours.


The Start-Up Weekend Chicago Crew