Startup Weekend Ideas Week Announces Speaker Brad Keywell


This has been a busy month for the likes of Brad Keywell. Mediabank announces a merger, Chicago Ideas Week is getting ready to launch, and Groupon continues to drive innovation into Chicago. Just a day in the life of an entrepreneur, and we are excited to announce Keywell will be joining as a featured speaker alongside Brian Wong and Troy Henikoff. Keywell is a legacy among Chicagoans and entrepreneurs everywhere, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity considering Chicago Ideas Week will be in the duration of our competition (and you should go….just Monday through Friday afternoon).

Haven’t you heard? Brad Keywell has ideas. No seriously. Take a look.

Our weekend aims to inspire individuals to take initiative to build something amazing ideas in 54 hours. What constitutes as amazing idea? Register now and tell us what your amazing ideas are @swideasweek.

Teams will be competing for the chance to win a $2,000 prize thanks to the special folks at Startup Weekend Ideas Week. The winning team will be announced at the conclusion of the weekend.