Starter League Bootcamp for Chicago StartupWeekend EDU


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This weekend, Arjun Venkataswamy from the Starter League is offering a free bootcamp on Saturday morning from 8am-11am for SW Chicago EDU attendees to learn basic HTML/CSS skills. This is a FREE intro web development course meant for non-technical beginners, so especially helpful if you don’t have any designers or front-end folks on your team. These are great skills to build for this weekend and after so take advantage of this perk! In preparation, you should make sure you have the following downloaded:

  • The Chrome web browser

  • Sublime Text 2 (trial version is fine) –    his is a great opportunity to get some hands-on experience and learn about HTML and CSS, which are the two dominant languages of the web and the backbone of all websites.

We’ll see you tomorrow morning at 8am Room 4016 (4th floor)!