Meet the Teams


With over 60 people pitching their ideas last night at Excelerate Labs, we have ended up with 13 awesome ideas. Check out what they up to, and make sure to follow us @swideasweek to stay up to date!


Companies post video challenges. Users submit video responses. Companies them announce winners and the resulting video is a viral marketing campaign.

Links home owners to home maintenance contractors who bid to provide services to the home owners. Make the process of finding a contractor easier for the home owner.

Connect students who do not have the means to travel with companis or institutions that need resources and expertise that the students offer. Providing noncash compensation to the students in return.

Collecting online dating singles who have experienced a bad date and rounding them together for a drink special and second date opportunity

Mobile app to make reporting bicycle accidents easier and more effective. It’s a chip product that you embed in your bike which communicates with your mobile phone. Also helps recover a stolen bike.
Virtual jam sessions

Crowdsourced blog editing tool that provides a comprehensive analytical dashboard that allows bloggers to asses the quality of their writing and make corrections.
We provide a personalized audio news stream allowing users to select categories/interests and receive relevant and timely news from content all around the web.

Virtual wardrobe that helps you match outfits and get recommendations from your friends.

A mobile app that delivers information to users based on location and context. Your phone should know where you are, what info you need and should give you that information.

Help introverts become exroverts in social settings. Introducing a social gaming component to everyday interactions. People check in at an event, bump phones with others in the room, get points for bumping, then there is a leaderboard – if you’re more social, you get points talking to those that are less social and vice versa.

Online personal trainer that uses personal and social accountability structures to help people achieve their goals.

Collaborative notetaking platform that scribes to effectively record and store information in real-time.