Meet the Teams of SWchi


After having close to 60 ideas pitched on Friday night, the participants voted on which ideas they liked best. Meet our 16 teams who’ll be presenting tonight, at 1871!


Ordered by you, delivered by your neighbor.
Get same day delivery on purchases made from local merchants by people in your community.


SoThoughtful is the easiest way to send a personalized gift and message to anyone, anywhere.


We help couples make strong, lasting relationships through exciting, targeted events. We bring people together with similar interests and backgrounds and provide the right activity at the right time with the right people. Sign up, show up, and make friends…


All 3 of us have run in marathons or half marathons and have had family and friends come and find it difficult to see us running. We’re building an app that allows GPS tracking of racers in marathons and similar races. Unlike other apps which use RFID tracking, this will be as close to realtime as possible. The app uses social media (Twitter and Facebook) credentials to log in both the racer and the spectator and connects them both allowing the spectator to find friends that are racing and track them via a map function.

The Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is a community focused living space for technical co-founders to thrive together.


Angel List for independent film. Connects independent films with talent and investors with independent films in a way similar to Angel List.

Fill Your Closet

We are building a customized fashion online store that provides features such as fashion advice, customized carts, sales alert, and shop by looks. Our fashion designers will update looks daily and will provide recommendations based on user profile.


WhereFi is a revolutionary application of Wi-Fi technology to provide stores and venues with data about smartphone customer demographics and in-store behavior; it’s a brick-and-mortar Google Analytics.

Patient Tracker

Patient Tracker is a communication tool that enables small groups of family and friends to share information about their loved one in the hospital.


Eventpix let’s anyone at an event share pictures, on the spot or later, in a common place.

Vintage Stories

Connecting grand stories of older generations with knowledge seekers

Start Market

A secondary market for crowdfunded companies connects users to top trends, industry experts and independent local brands through word of mouth marketing and an intuitive personalized recommendation platform.

Givee is a social network mobilizing and empowering people with a shared purpose to design solutions for addressable wicked problems.


Connecting design, development, and UX communities to share knowledge, answer questions, and teach one another in a friendly community environment.


A website for women who want to know more about the sports their co-workers and friends are interested in.