Introducing Chicago StartupWeekend EDU’s guest speaker Jack Larson

We are excited to have Jack Larson as  Startup Weekend Chicago EDU’s guest speaker tonight!  Jack has been an innovator in private post-secondary education for over 30 years, and he will be providing attendees with insights on the entrepreneurial experience. Some highlights of his tenure are below:
• Private education innovator for 30+ years
• A founding board member and investor of 2U
• Currently Founder of the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and its world first online culinary academy
• Named one of Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneurs of the Year” in 2000
• Inducted into the “Haas Hall of Fame,” at University of California at Berkeley in 2006, and currently serves on Haas’ advisory board
…and more to come tonight! We’re looking forward to hearing his “founder’s story”!