Information on final presentations for Chicago StartupWeekend EDU


Hey teams!

Below is some important information about this afternoon and final presentations today:

  • Please make sure your team has filled out the team survey ( to be able to pitch today.
  • Pitch practice is from 1:30-3:30pm. This is highly recommended and first-come-first-serve. Come to the right side of the atrium by the stage to sign up.
  • You will be connecting your personal laptops to the projector for your presentations. Tech check will be at 3:30pm and is mandatory. Presentation order will be determined at tech check.
  • We will post the final pitch presentation order in a blog post on at 4pm, as well as send out an email.
  • Everyone must be in the atrium by 4:45pm.
  • Each team will have 5 minutes to present. The panel will have 2 minutes of questions, then we’ll jump straight to the next presentation. We will be very strict on timing.
  • The room is yours. Use any visual aids you want. Make it interactive if you can. But remember that you have 5 minutes.
  • We will alert you when you have one minute remaining. We will not allow pitches to go long; some of the panel members need to leave at a certain time.
  • One final pitch tip: ask yourself whether your audience should pay attention to what you are saying or what is on your slide.

Good luck! We’re looking forward to seeing and learning about what everyone has built this weekend.

The SW Chicago EDU Organizers