Industrious & Chicago Startup Weekend Mobile Kickoff Recap


If you missed the Startup Weekend Networking & Mobile Kickoff Party last night, it’s a shame because Industrious showed us one heck of a time and also the amazing space they have. Chicago Startup Weekend Mobile attendees, previous SW alumni and prominent folk from Chicago’s vibrant startup community had a great evening of networking, drinks and striking deals (from what we’ve heard). This won’t be last SW party we host, and definitely not the last opportunity to get a glimpse of what’s going on at Industrious. So if you missed it, we’re sorry, but don’t worry they’ll be more soon.



Industrious is in one of River North’s most beautiful loft spaces, with high ceilings and exposed brick walls. Composed of brightly lit, glass-walled private offices and productive conference rooms and common areas, Industrious will offer members all the comforts of a modern office in an engaging, energizing community atmosphere. The space will cater to small businesses and firms of all types, and will offer a next step office solution for startups and companies exiting early stage incubator hubs and accelerators like 1871, Catapult Chicago, TechStars Chicago, Impact Engine and the like.


Tenants will rent offices ranging in size from 1 to 10 people on a month-to-month basis, a perk designed to appeal to designers, financiers, lawyers, non-profits, small business owners, and telecommuters. Office rates start at $400 a month. Amenities include 24/7 access to free wifi and electricity, printing services, private phone booths, onsite storage, lounges, complementary mail services, access to conference and collaboration rooms, a kitchen and a full service coffee bar from Bow Truss Coffee Roasters. In addition, Industrious will offer members a wide variety of classes and events in its space.

To find out more about Industrious, contact Laurie Skurow at 312-600-5951 or