Chicago SW TEAM 11-17-13 DEMO LIST!


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Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Chicago 11/13.

Demo Teams, here is Chicago’s Global Startup Battle pitch order. GOOD LUCK!


Innovatrium offers an fun, engaging and personalized learning experience for high school students in Brazil. Our goal is to positively influence the education system, providing better future prospects for high school student, no matter where they live and how privileged they are. By shaping an online environment that matches teenagers’ needs, Innovatrium allows students to self-direct their learning experience out of the classroom, to interact with other students and to attend one-on-one tutoring sessions with teachers.



EarlyHedge is an asset management platform that allows investors to back recent graduates who have already successfully managed money for the top University Endowments.



Get things done by people you trust. Web app that connects people that need help with tasks to people in their network that have the time, capacity and expertise to complete these tasks.


Tap ‘N Dyne

Negotiated price marketplace, specifically between restaurant and consumer.



Mayflowr helps you keep track of what to do in your city and helps you find what to do in other cities.


Tapped In

Finding the beer taps you want, when you want.



Location-based gift cards where the recipient is notified when in close proximity to the place selected by the sender.



Flavr is an membership-based platform that allows consumers to shop for their groceries online.