Chicago Startup Weekend February 2014


Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Chicago Startup Weekend Mobile Edition 2013.

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Crowdsourcing sandwich ideas to vote on and provide a delivery service of the winning sandwiches.

02mvp 02MVP

Dreams do not have to die. Finding a tech cofounder is hard, most have multiple offers or are working on their own thing. 02MVP teaches you how to build a proof of concept quick so that you can demonstrate your concept to potential cofounders, customers, investors. The idea is not to turn you into a developer, but to handhold you through the process of building a MVP so that you can test out the traction, convince customers, cofounders, investoors and go out and do what you do really want to do… Build your business and conquer the world!

perky_logo_green Perky

We are making exciting/fun perks packages available to small businesses. An employer signs their employees up for Perky, and we handle it from there, fulfilling fun service options for their employees. The employees get to choose which perks they want to take part in each month. Think housecleaning, massages, and even rad team outings!


Impuls Network is a mobile app that enables local businesses to blast out deals, exciting bands, or any other sales to anyone in the immediate area.

Impuls harnesses the power of geolocation to fire deals directly from bars and restaurants to your phone – right as you walk by them.

As an example, you’re walking down the street with friends on a Saturday night and your phone dings. The bar around the corner has $3 PBR tall boys all night. Nice! Night made!

Impuls empowers businesses to convert their foot traffic into paying clientele, and helps consumers discover the best of what’s going on right under their noses.

This is Cravzy Cravzy

You are craving the recipe you just saw. You want to cook, but don’t have the ingredients. You are going crazy.

What if fresh ingredients showed up at your door in 60 minutes? You’d be ecstatic, right? Well, we are working on making that happen. Not just for lasagna either :)

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 10.40.09 AM Runway

Runway is the ultimate tool for hackathon enthusiasts. It’s a one stop shop to connect with attendees before the event, collaborate with your teammates during the event, and commit to your startup after the event.

Myngle Myngle

Mobile app to meeting interesting people in person. For networking, dating, friendship, and more.

Prana Prana Diabetes Support Network

Prana Diabetes Support Network helps people manage their diabetes
through effortless record keeping and building personal support
networks among physicians, family members and friends.


Recurring monthly perks for small businesses.


We help energy providers acquire customers and help energy consumers acquire a Nest and lower energy prices.

manja_logo_larger Manja

Manja simplifies the process for busy people to cook dinner at home.

Visit the Manja site to browse weekly menus of seasonal recipe kits offered at your local grocery stores, providing all the fresh ingredients you need for exactly how many you have to feed. Simply order online and pick-up in store at your convenience. We cut out time, cost and waste and let you focus on preparing a new and exciting home-cooked meal in 30 min or less.

fishbit-transparent FishBit

FishBit makes owning fish easy! It keeps them safe and happy by notifying you in real time if your tank needs attention. FishBit is an all-in-one kit that includes an in-tank sensor that syncs with our mobile app to monitor all of your tank’s vitals like ammonia, pH and temperature. FishBit gives you peace of mind and takes the hassle out of owning fish.

real deal politics logo 450w Real Deal Politics

A website and mobile app that is transforming the process of understanding local issues and efficiently providing your opinions directly to the decision-makers.

Hackerbracket logo HackerBracket

An online hackathon recruitment platform.

Discover ME LOGO (1) DISKOVER • ME

DISKOVER • ME is a platform that links local musicians to fans and and local venues for gigs.

Users log in to see new music that’s trending around them. Information is delivered to them based on their musical tastes. It also delivers information about events in their proximity.

Musicians log in to engage with their fans, upload their content as an online resume. host online concerts.


A video editing service targeted toward action sports and GoPro camera users.

dreamfirst-logo DREAM First.

We help teens find a follow dream career paths.

image HiFit Juice

Juice made out of hibiscus flower mixed with fresh natural fruits.


Instant Task acquired by Tasqly. This is a hyperlocal on-demand peer to peer service marketplace. In short, get stuff done quick and cheap.

Good luck today teams!

-Startup Weekend Chicago Organizing Team