Agile Training from Obtiva on Friday


You may have heard the term “Agile” increasingly batted around in technology and business circles. Now software development and training firm Obtiva will conduct an intensive training session on Agile business practices as part of Chicago Startup Weekend November 12-14, 2010.

Obtiva’s “Agility in the Loop” training takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, November 12 in the hours leading up to Startup Weekend and introduces participants to Agile principles and practices. The training takes place at the Illinois Technology Association, 200 S. Wacker, 15th floor, and is open to attendees of Chicago Startup Weekend as well as the general public.

Register for Agility in the Loop at The cost is $49 to attend.

Katherine Nelson-Reid, Director of Finance, Marketing and Business Operations for Obtiva, said, “This training, specifically designed to complement the Startup Weekend experience, will educate attendees on tried and true Agile practices that help teams work effectively toward a common goal. When entrepreneurs need help in getting that great idea on paper and in front of an audience, Agile principles will help them transform vision into reality.”

An Agile approach values traits like responsiveness, speed, collaboration, continuous learning, change, and iterative and incremental project practices.

The Agile model applies not just to software development but also to projects and businesses. Course instructors are Chad Pry, Noel Rappin, Chris Powers and Joe Banks, all of whom are experienced developers, consultants and trainers at Obtiva.

During the weekend, Obtiva mentors will work with teams one on one from a technical standpoint, helping them put their websites or mobile applications into production.

“Training is one way Obtiva works to promote a stronger and more robust technology community, locally, nationally and globally,” Nelson-Reid said. “Obtiva’s core values place emphasis on knowledge sharing and cultivating the next generation of software craftsmen, and our training exemplifies this.”

Individuals completing Agility in the Loop training will receive a 10 percent discount on any future Obtiva training.